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Rick Morrison’s approach to life can be summed up in one word: Service!

As author of his first children’s book entitled, The Hug Store, Rick widened his sphere of service to include families, children and fathers everywhere. ​

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Meet Our Founder, Rick Morrison

Rick brings an air of integrity, authentic commitment, and loving & mindful intention attention to all he does. Along with being an author of The Hug Store, he oversees a thriving real estate business, wine consulting company and is the guitar player in the band Funkschway. He is also a certified sommelier (and a pretty good cook, too!). 

The Hug Store was inspired by a true event that happened to his daughter Shana. It’s a beautiful story of self-discovery that illustrates how life’s greatest gifts can never be bought, and are instead, always found deep within us.


Shana and Rick Hugging
Rick is also the Founder of The Hug Alliance, a unified group of like-minded collaborators who are utilizing HUGS to create more tolerance, inclusivity and connection in communities worldwide. Rick is producing the Huggies Sponsored 2018 National Hugging Day Celebration January 21, 2018 at Agape in Culver City CA. In addition to blogging, public speaking and facilitating a hugging curriculum in and around the Los Angeles area, Rick has appeared on a variety of talk, radio and TV shows to promote his vision of conscious parenting and ultimately promoting world peace…one hug at a time.
Rick has enjoyed prior executive level careers in both the music industry and wine industry. However, none of the above matches the bliss he feels when parenting his six-year-old daughter Shana.
Besides food, wine, hugs and music, Rick’s other passions include fitness and overall wellbeing. Rick enjoys charity work and giving back to community. Some other charities that are particularly important to him are Cystic Fibrosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Cancer, Meals on Wheels and Macular Degeneration.

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